Research and Development team of Supreme Seed Company Limited is the most innovative and persistent unit, which is working on the development of new and existing varieties. The Research and Development team is divided into three major teams.


The biotech lab was established for advanced breeding research in the field of finger printing, purity test, marker assisted selection etc. Major hybrid rice and their parental lines were already characterized. Genetic purity test was also carried out for each commercial hybrid rice variety using microsatellite markers. Marker assisted selection and marker assisted backcrossing are the midterm objectives of biotech lab. Advanced tissue culture will be another future work using double haploid and embryo culture.


Supreme Seed Company Limited vegetable research and development team is focused in breeding of bitter gourd, ridge gourd, snake gourd, sponge gourd, bottle gourd, pumpkin, tomato, chilly, wax gourd, egg plant, okra etc. The team is also responsible for S&D activities to select exotic varieties cabbage, cauliflower, water melon, radish, carrot etc. The team has successfully developed hybrid varieties of bitter gourd, ridge gourd, tomato, bottle gourd, sponge gourd that are commercially available in the market and popular in the farming community.


Supreme Seed Company Limited rice research and development team has the distinction of developing rice hybrid varieties first time in Bangladesh. The team is responsible for development and identification of promising parental lines for local and exotic sources suitable for agro-climatic conditions of Bangladesh. They are also responsible for evaluation of A and B lines for general combining ability and heterotic rice hybrids for specific combining ability and production experiment hybrids with a yield advantage of 15%-20% over the conventional varieties.

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